Group Travel

Successful management of Group Travel requires a specialist knowledge that can only be gained with experience. At Coast to Coast Worldwide Travel our groups department has been handling many different types of group for more than a decade. A group can be as small as about 10 or in excess of 300 travellers, but the key feature is that they are travelling together for a common purpose.

Typical types of group include:

  • Private parties such as weddings
  • University or college field trips
  • Tours for sports teams
  • Trips by bands and other musical groups
  • Cultural tours and other tour operator groups
  • Works outings
  • Conference and incentive trips
  • Hobby or Shared Interest 
  • Friends
  • Weddings as well as Hen and Stag Parties

Groups have to be handled differently from individual travel reservations and careful management is needed to see the project through from start to finish.

From the airline side, groups are also treated differently. There is generally more flexibility with the provision of travellers names, but there are generally also specific restrictions and set procedures for allowing members of the group to travel separately. Where a number of sub-groups are involved, for example with the management of conferences, the need for close co-ordination between the client and the travel organiser is essential.

Benefits of having your Group managed by Coast to Coast Worldwide Travel

  • The services of our experienced group travel managers
  • Thorough pricing research so that you avail of the most competitive airfares
  • The services of an airport representative at departure, if required
  • Clear documentation of the airline's terms and conditions
  • Out of hours service in case of emergency

At Coast to Coast Worldwide Travel, you can rest assured that your group will be in safe hands. Please contact us for a quotation - we look forward to hearing from you.